Power Flushing a Central Heating System in Maida Vale, West London

Power Flushing a Central Heating System in Maida Vale, West London

Green Bird Heating Services were called to power flush a property in Maida Vale in West London where the customer had sludge built up in their central heating system.

The problem: The property had no heating downstairs and partial heating upstairs.

Over a period of time various contaminates will pollute and possibly clog pipework with dirty black water circulating throughout your system which will affect the efficiency and performance or, at worst, impede or block hot water from running through radiators.

Our heating engineer power flushed the heating system with Sentinel X800, one of the best cleaning chemical on the market. We use a combination of Sentinel X800 with neutralising chemicals to get the right pH value, so that the acid chemicals work effectively without causing damage to the central heating or boiler system.

When the power flush was complete, the central heating system once again had very clean and clear pipework and the customer’s heating is now fully working.

Before Power Flush:

After Power Flush:

Location: West London, Maida Vale

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